More than just a designer,

I’m also your biggest fan.

I’m here to help. It’s intimidating to put yourself out there with your smiling face all over the internet. Blogs, newsletters, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter — a website is no longer a static document but an interactive business tool with so many moving parts. It can feel overwhelming. But it’s also super exciting because you can truly make a living through following your passion. Whether you are teaching yoga or knitting scarves, I love helping people to move past the initial fear and let their light shine. My goal is to create a website that is an extension of you and your personality, so that the people who know and love you best say, “your website is totally you”!


I know how vulnerable it can feel to put yourself out there on the web. It helps to have someone on your side rooting for you, cheering you on, being a friend.

Clean Design

I take the personality of you and your business and infuse it with color, clean design, stunning photography, and a touch of nature.

One Stop Shop

I design and build websites, set up social media and newsletter campaigns, create logos, take photographs, write blogs, or whatever else you need!

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"Sarah was amazing to work with. She went above and beyond all my expectations for a perfect website. She's always there if I ever need to tweak or add something to my site. I would highly recommend her for any website or graphic design!"

Adam Richey January 14, 2016


Here’s a secret. I LOVE YOGA. As I started to build my web design business, many of my favorite yoga teachers became my first clients. I jokingly tell people that I “will work for yoga”, and it’s true! I enjoy working with people who share my personal interests and love of the outdoors, health and fitness.



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